Top 5 Activities To Do In Pattaya You Won’t Regret

If you’re the type of person looking for nothing but adventure including sands, food, tracks and all things unknown, why not try out coming to Pattaya, Thailand? This beautiful beach side city has a ton of activities for visitors to participate in; it’s only about choosing what types of activities you want to do (when you have money to burn)! There’s a lot of activities to do in Pattaya and it’s quite difficult to decide which activities suit you best.

Here’s my list of things to do in Pattaya when you’re there; I’m sure it won’t be disappointing for those looking to do something out of the ordinary once in a while!

Paragliding & Parachuting

HC-130 jump
If you’re not afraid of heights, then paragliding is a recommended sport that taps on the bit of extreme. Paragliding is extremely popular in Pattaya as many paragliders can be seen in the air, zipping behind fast moving boats. From the shore, you can see the entire city of Pattaya beneath you and get some awesome panoramic shots while you’re at it.

If paragliding isn’t extreme for you, why not try parachuting? In other words, skydiving will literally take your breath away after free falling 4000 feet before ejecting a parachute to decelerate your descent. For first timers, this is a really exciting thing to do, especially if you’re afraid of heights! This is a great way to get over your fear of heights and have fun while you’re at it!

First time jumpers will usually be strapped to the instructor(s) to ensure the safety of the first time daredevils.

Go-Karts & Motorsports

Want to burn some rubber? Want to play Mario Kart in real life but without turtle shells and glowing stars? In addition to other activities the city offers, go-karting is one of the must do thing every tourist needs to do. There’s tons of race tracks where people can go in and drive for fun or for furious competition.


Pattaya is the home to multiple international paintball championships. Paintball is the sport testing speeding and accuracy of the shooter; who will be able to hit their opponents first? There are 2 ways in which people play paintball: Either participants will choose to hit a target sheet or most popularly, duke it out in the field with paintballs and victory cries.

The environments are designed to help people camouflage to their surroundings to ensure victory against their opponents. This activity is extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Scuba Diving

You cannot enjoy the beach without adding scuba diving or snorkeling to your list! Pattaya contains a wide area of places to scuba dive to view spectacular coral reefs or experience encounters with marine wildlife. Although Pattaya’s scuba diving may not be up to par to let’s say, Koh Tao, it’s still an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

RVYC Beach Shack
However, first off you need some scuba diving or snorkeling lessons before you can actually go out into the open water. It’s recommended for anybody who may take this up as a permanent hobby.

If you ever wanted to live like the Little Mermaid, here’s your chance to enter ‘A Whole New World’!

Thai Cooking Course

For those looking up to spice up their lives… why not try out some Thai cooking courses by master chefs? Staying in Thailand means eating authentic Thai food so why not learn how to make it? Thai food is well-known for its uses of spices, basil, lemon grass, ginger and coconut as these ingredients are the main staples in most, if not all Thai dishes!

Why not take this opportunity to properly learn how to prepare Thai dishes so you can enjoy them back in your home country? It’s a great way to add in more food variety in your life and plus, introducing someone else to the art of cooking Thai food.

Everybody can cook Thai food but not a lot of people can execute the taste of Thai food!

Hopefully this list gave you an idea of what to do in Pattaya without wasting time browsing through brochures! There’s so much to do here, it’s just a matter of finding the activity that calls out to you!