Passion for travel and portrait photography

Passion for travel and portrait photography

Specialized in travel and portrait photography, the two amateur photographers have taken pictures from different parts of the world with the ambition to show a different perspective of the countries they are visiting. While traveling by motorcycle, kayak or 4×4 the couple tries to plan their trips individually and stay off the beaten path to see what other cultures have to offer.The more unusual means of transportation have opened them doors of strangers to have a look into their daily lives.Seeing the world another way and staying hungry for more Gravatar MathiasGravatar Carina



portrait photography

Kamel, Tunesien

portrait photography


Lofoten, Norwegen

Weinstoecke, Frankreich

Lac du Deer, Frankreich

When not being on the road they spend some of their time doing portrait photography as well

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