Traveling In Argentina

Perhaps you have been contemplating taking your family somewhere exotic but have been worried about breaking the bank. With airline prices, hotel costs, and restaurant prices to factor in, you have put off you travels for some future date. However, many families and individuals have begun exploring Argentina and found it to not only be a stunning place to visit but also incredibly budget friendly. Not far from  the US and Canada, it offers a bit of something for everyone and is being called by world travelers the place to visit in 2013.

En el entrevero

Photo by Eduardo Amorim

Exploring Buenos Aires

One of the first things to contemplate is where in Argentina to begin exploring. This depends on your preference: would you like to be in a quiet, tranquil place or a bustling city? Buenos Aires has a bit of something for everyone and is an excellent place to begin your trip. A bustling city of nearing 3 million people, it has been called the ‘Paris of South America’ and is the birthplace of tango.

Shadows of Cloudy Night - Sombras de Noche Nubosa

Photo by Sergio Darcas

It’s perfect for a honeymoon or romantic gettaway! The luxury Faena Hotel and Universe is world renowned for its design and delectable fine dining. El Mercado offers guest an intimate, warm dining experience inspired by old european markets and the trattoria-style cantinas of Buenos Aires,  Basking in the heat from their clay oven, you can enjoy the most delicious traditional dishes argentina has to offer, made with natural products and seasonal produce.

Traveling Argentina

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The Tranquil Countryside

If you are seeking some rest and relaxation instead of music and dance, consider spending your trip sipping wine in Argentina’s ‘Napa ‘Valley’. Attracting wine enthusiasts from around the world, this region of Argentina offers the perfect combination of solitude and gastronomy that will make your trip one that you remember for a lifetime. Mendoza — Latin America’s largest winemaking region-is situated about 600 miles west of Buenos Aires. The province is home to more than 800 wineries. Mendoza and wine have been linked since the 1550s when Spanish settlers brought vineyard cuttings from Chile. Raices Aconcagua hotel has a luxury feel yet isn’t too heavy on a traveler’s wallet. The superb restaurants in the region offer cuisines from around the world, from local delicacies to Italian delights. Lares de Chacras​ is a hotel with an exceptional restaurant and fine dining experience that includes filte mingnon and a selection of pastas. They take pleasure in their large wine collection that will suit any budget and palate. Kato Cafe is another hip place for drinks and has free wifi.

The Floods of Lago Argentina

Photo by Trey Ratcliff


When To Go

By now you are probably ready to book your tickets and give South American travel a go! So, when is the best time to visit such a vibrant country? The World Tango Festival is held every October and draws travelers from around the world who seek to learn more about tango. Octoberfest is celebrated around the same time. The Mendoza Wine Harvest Festival is held early March and is a popular event for wine enthusiasts. All in all, there is no perfect time to visit Argentina as year round it has events and festivals that are sure to offer travelers memories that will last for a lifetime.