Types of Photography


Photography is not about just clicking and capturing moments and it has its own purpose depending on person to person. This art form is expensive yet very vast. Purpose of photography also depends on the field of expertise of a professional like if a person is a journalist and a photographer then he might prefer doing photojournalism. Like wise for some people photography is for fun and they might just get prints of the picture for their use or make canvas prints.

  • Action photography

For an action shot photographer needs precision and speed. He should know his subject so that he doesn’t miss the perfect shot. This form of photography is fast and thrilling. Action photography may include sports photography and capturing animals in the jungle or any field. Action photography is most interested for professional photographers.


  • Photojournalism

With a little knowledge of cameras, any person can become a photojournalist but he should be able to capture all the details of the scene and the meaning of that picture should not change. Journalism is based on facts, so when a photojournalist takes a shot, it should have facts and no fake motions. A person should be all knowledge about photojournalism and that keep in mind that how he can use latest technology tips and tricks for takeing abest pictures.

  • Macro photography

Close range photography or macro photography is done to capture very minute details of a small thing. Cameras have macro settings and anyone can take a close range photo even by using a digital am but for a professional shot, the photographer needs expensive gears. Usually macro photography includes flowers, insects or any other thing. Its also use by talkeing a picture about any well looking view. Photography not just a fun it also a professional skills for photographers in field of photography.


  • Microphotography 

This field of photography is not meant for common use. Mostly scientist or scientific people do this type of photography for the purpose of taking pictures of very small things like cells, tissues. Microphotography mostly used doctors for looking during takeing patient different tests this technology provide great help in medical field for opration and other pueposes.

  • Documentary photography

Documentary photography is done in a series of photos which are meant for giving details of a historical event. Like a series of photos of small children who beg to show the social inequality. This type of photography is meant to tell the whole truth and hiding facts is not a way to do documentary photography. You can get best quality pictures by getting photos to canvas and latest photography tips.

  • Glamour photography

Glamour photography is usually linked with the fashion industry and people in these types of photos pose for the camera wearing an expensive and different dress. The lighting is done according to the concept of the shoot to show curves and shadows. Place of shoot according photography theme.Now a days glamour photography is more common for everyone especially for models whome work as a professional field.

  • Aerial photography

These photographers take pictures from the air which may be used for the survey or briefing about a specific area. Aerial photography is also used in movies to show a helicopter scene or action scene.

There are many other types of photography like underwater photography to capture underwater creatures, art photography to capture paintings and  cheap canvas prints, travel photography to capture during travel and finally wedding photography to take wedding pictures.