Use Your Smartphone to Get Better Pictures

People have had a love affair with photography since the first Kodak camera. Photography has changed a great deal since then and has brought us a whole new league of smartphones enabling both the novice and pro mobile photographer to take wonderful photos. This new innovation in photography has almost replaced the point-and-shoot cameras so common among consumers. The smartphones constant connection to the web allows photographers to share images on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook as well as download a variety image processing applications and accessories.

Whether the smartphone of choice is iPhone, BlackBerry or Android, or your carrier is Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon, photographers have a variety of applications to help make their images stand out.


One of the best apps available for iPhone users is Camera+. Created for both the novice and seasoned photographer it not only allows users to edit new images, it also allows them to breathe new life into old images by importing them into Lightbox. The touch exposure and focus option sets exposure separately from focus making it easy to control how light and dark shots come out. Clarity is a huge advance in image processing. It seems to possess cognitive powers that enable it to analyze and make adjustments to photos. This option makes those unusable shots usable. Never throw another shot away. These are only a few of the options available with Camera+, but they are enough make you love taking photos.

Adobe Photoshop has long been a staple among photographers and computer users. Adobe Photoshop Express is the mobile app. Users can edit and share photos right from their mobile device. This mobile version shares many of the conventional apps features including one touch effects like crop, rotate and color adjustment. The app also includes artistic filters like Soft Focus or Sketch.


There is a new app called Snap for BlackBerry 10 users that helps make it easy for the photographer to take pictures of themselves. Snap is sound triggered. Once restricted to using the front-facing camera and holding the BlackBerry, now users can simply prop the phone up and make a sound to engage the camera shutter. Users can toggle between variable sound thresholds ranging from a whisper to a scream. Other camera settings, such as the grid and flash can be used as well.

A great photo editor for BlackBerry is Magic Photos. Photographers can use brushes to create different effects. A simple user interface allows photographers to decolorize, sketch, cartoon, blur, recolor and retouch photos with the touch of a finger. The decolorize tool allows users to turn a color photo to black and white. They can then make a specific area of the photo really pop by changing it back to color.


Camera ZOOM FX is a state of the art android camera app that allows users to take awesome shots. Among its features are multiple shoot modes, including an astonishing voice-activated shoot mode. Users can also tweak and customize other options and settings including focus metering, saturation and white balance.